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One team, One goal!

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From Aug. 30th to Sept. 11th, Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPC) invited 15 excellent employees from its 13 overseas projects for a cross-cultural seminar held in Beijing, China. With “One team, One goal” as its theme, the seminar involves Sinopec’s history, business overview, development strategy, operation mode, institutional system, corporate culture, and so on. They visited the headquarters and two of the branches in Beijing. They also went to China’s other cities such as Yan’an and Xi’an, to further learn about Chinese culture. Here, they shared their feelings about the seminar.


Danielle Demmans, Senior Geologist of Sinopec Canada

I would like to offer some thoughts following my recent completion of SIPC’s First Seminar for SIPC International Staff in Beijing. First of all, I would like to express how deeply appreciative I am for this opportunity. I have forged some very good friendships and gained a rich perspective on a global cultural cross-section through the seminar. In just two weeks, participants in this program were exposed to more than 15 cultures from around the world, what a rich and engaging experience it was.

Throughout the course, lectures on Sinopec Group and SIPC’s businesses provided clarity on the complex relationships between the various Operating Units, shedding light on our roles within this very large organization. Under the directive of “One Team, One Goal”, we gained alignment to corporate goals and pride in our contribution to the organization’s achievements.

From the first interaction, a lecture provided by Mr. Tan, I could appreciate the clarity of which he spoke regarding our organization, its challenges and opportunities. As the course progressed, however, I could see that leadership comes in many forms. Leadership was demonstrated to us by being welcomed in unfamiliar surroundings and ensuring our safety, in welcoming our ideas and thoughts on how to make our business better, and in taking the steps to contribute to society and environment.

I want to thank you again for this wonderful experience. In particular, the depth of understanding in regards to Chinese culture was paramount during the course. Through exposure to art, music, food, language and history – I feel a connection to China and to my company in ways that I could not before this experience.



Koreneva Mariannak,Head of Technical Translation and Visa Support Sector from UDM Russia

Should we face difficulties in our work we jointly take up the challenge because we have the same goal as our Chinese partner – “One team, one goal”. And this goal involves the effective management of Udmurtneft to achieve even greater economic benefits and cash flow, greater benefits for our shareholders. we have great respect for our Chinese colleagues and appreciate their long-term contribution to the prosperity of our company. We hope for further long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Adufu Komlan Agbenu,Supply Chain Manager of APOGG

APOGG under the leadership of our Directors continue to focus on contract management in order to minimise these risks. Together we achieve good results and will relentlessly keep our eyes on these risks to safeguard as much as possible our Sinopec family interests in an environment where legal risks remain the top one concerns.


Sol Angeline Castro Lopez,HR Support Manager of SIPC Columbia

Really, it is very interesting to work together because we have different styles of life and work but we learnt together all time. I am learning to be a better professional better person. I never imagine I would have opportunity to participate seminar in Beijing! After come back, I will promote to my employees what I learnt in Beijing and help our big family (SIPC) to achieve One team, One goal.



Keme Agathe Sabine,HR Manager of Addax APCC

Since Addax officially took over pecten (shell) in November 2011, we had a change management with new ways of working, new company vision and strategy.There’s a new training strategy in place that gives opportunity to more staff to be trained, online training and classroom training in our local facilities. We have a people-oriented managing director that put people and the company cultural diversity at first. employee’s wellbeing has considerably improved. he has largely contributed to the successful story of addax petroleum Cameroon company. I believe employees back home need to know more about Sinopec and SIPC and how they belong to a great company and get more opportunities for cross posting.


Shuai Fu, Senior Accountant of SIPC Australia

I really think for the “One team, One goal” plan, to promote cultural integration in local company is very important. As a Chinese local employee, I will contribute for it, such as meeting or town hall with the staff to explain SIPC’s core values, suggest company to promote different activities among all employees, involving Chinese staff to share Chinese and local culture. New Chinese staff should be provided a induction program to transfer to local company’s regulations and work style, encourage them to learn local language and culture, then facilitate the integration in order to enhance the spirit of one team. Wish Sinopec and SIPC a brighter future.






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