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Creating life in the desert

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Although it is the second time for Sinopec 312 team at Algeria project department of Sinopec Geophysical Corp. to operate the Tindouf survey project in a few years, it remains a challenge because of the long span and the most scattered survey spots of the project. The survey area is located at the junction of Morocco, Mali and Mauritania, where there are many Western Sahara refugee camps. During the several months of construction period, the team members try to make the life enjoyable and interesting in the desert .




In the vast and endless desert of North Africa, many bare sand dunes bear the scorching sun silently like giant elephants. Sometimes a sandstorm blowing in the distance resembles a plume of smoke rising from the ground, swirling and flying around the desert. The scorching heat wave sweeps every inch of the land, making people feel out of breath.


From afar, like a small boat in the vast sand sea, the fully-equipped camp was completed in only 20 days.


In order to facilitate the team members’ communication with their families far away, the team set up a phone booth in the tent area to enable the team members to call home after work by an internet phone.

www.789.gg_【官方首页】-新葡京澳门  为方便队员与远在万里之外的家人联络,队上在帐篷区设置了员工亲情电话亭,开通了一部网络电话,保证队员在工作之余能够和家里保持联系,给家里报个平安。

The employees used colored steel tiles to set up a bathroom by themselves, so they can wash away the mud and sweat after returning from the construction site. The canteen, the only brick-built room, can hold more than a dozen team members, where sometimes the Chinese employees cook Chinese food by themselves and share it with the local employees.




In the breeding garden at the corner of the camp, there are some cute little creatures, which brings a lot of fun to the quiet camp. When seeing people coming, the colorful guinea fowls make a sound of "goo goo - ah ah..."; the pigeons walk leisurely; the ducks strut in the garden and quack from time to time; a few black long-legged Saluki hounds enthusiastically shake their tails. They make the camp lively.




A bonsai garden built by petrified wood and stones from the desert become a “scenic spot” in the camp the employees like to go in their leisure time every day. Here, the employees working overseas for long have learned to adjust their mood and have fun. The loss and loneliness for being away from family and urban life among the employees have gradually been replaced by such hobbies or interests.

  一处用沙漠里的硅化木和石头建造成的盆景园,是大伙工余时间的闲情逸趣,这一方小天地也成了大家每天都要前来观赏的“风景名胜”。在这里,长年在海外工作的员工们学会了调节心绪、制造情趣,员工们那份远离家园的失落、远离亲人的孤苦和远离城市的寂寞,逐渐被这样的闲趣替代。(文图/许建峰  翻译/李惠 王文)





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